What is self-confidence?

Having belief or faith in oneself is a major component - perhaps a fundamental necessity - of success and personal fulfilment.

It is not the only thing, of course - you need to be able to back up confidence with competence, or you will appear to others as insubstantial or full of hot air. But there are many competent people who are unable to reach their potential simply because they are, for one reason or another, unable to offer a fully-rounded version of themselves to their employers or others who stand to gain from their abilities, if only they were aware of them.

Competence is up to you: that's about studying and practising your chosen skill or subject until it is part of you. It's about doing what you love and loving what you do.

Confidence is about knowing that you know your stuff and being able to communicate your knowledge effectively, in a way that enables others to appreciate the time and energy you have put into it and to feel that they have really heard and understood you.

Nobody else can give you self-confidence: it's something you have to discover in yourself, with some help and guidance. It's a feedback mechanism that tells you "I did a good job". You may need someone else to tell you that you did a good job, or you may know it without being told, but it's one of those feelings you cannot mistake: you know when you feel confident.

So how can you get more of it?

If you mainly want to gain more confidence with the opposite sex, whether you are a man or a woman, then you need to look at this and listen to the free audio podcasts.

One of the most powerful ways to gain self-confidence is to overcome your fear and learn public speaking skills.


“The world is shaped by two things —
stories told and the memories they leave behind.”
Vera Nazarian, Dreams of the Compass Rose

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